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What's included in our 1-time-offer!

We’re not just presenting you with a lame offer that will leave you without money or results. 

Even for our Discount Price,
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So what is in it for you?

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Start-up Meeting

A live, online meeting to discuss every aspect of your business, your goals, your competitors, etc. It's important that we know as much as possible to prepare ourselves for the second step.

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Market research

To define the pain points and desires of your audience, we will conduct a thorough research of the market, your ideal customer, your competitors, etc. this information will be used to craft 3 compelling ads.

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We will provide you with detailed information on how to set up your audience with the exact interests, locations, ... and 3 complete ads + images for maximum result.

But it doesn’t stop there. 
We will walk you through the set-up during a live call,
to ensure that everything is perfect. 

But what about the follow-up, I hear you think.

After 3 days, you’ll have to see us again… 
Don’t worry, it’s for the good of the cause 😀

We will evaluate which ads are the clear winners and should be increased in budget strategically.

For most companies, this would be the best offer that they would ever want to give you. 

But this is not where it end for us. 

You'll also receive my
NO-WAY-YOU-CAN-LOSE guarantee!

How could I ever expect you to trust me,

If I couldn’t even offer you my NO-WAY-YOU-CAN-LOSE guarantee. 

I offer you your money back if you don’t see any quality results (CPC < $1; CTR < 1%) in max. 14 days! 

money back guarantee

Let’s recap. 

You will receive

  • 3 quality ads
  • Full Support and set-up
  • Follow-up and guidance
  • Money-Back guarantee

And you don’t have to do anything yourself,
and in the process save yourself a lot of time and headache


All this for the low price of:

Now only

€ 49

Instead of € 225

possible ad results

Now I do have to tell you something IMPORTANT!

I wanted to tell you, just so you are aware, 

I’m crazy for offering you this deal in the first place, 

and as a 1-person team, 
spots are limited, if I want to provide you with high-quality service.

So only proceed if you are really ready to go for it 
and are willing to run the ads and reap the results.

I would be sad to see someone lose their spot,
just for you to leave it there…

Are You Ready?

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