Why Social Media advertising is like polishing paint

Why Social Media Ads are just like polishing paint

Let’s start with a simple question: Do you use an A-I-O in every situation?
Every skilled Detailer’s immediate response will be “NO!”;
Or at least it should be.
See every paint is different (soft or hard), has plenty or few swirls, has extreme low paint depth, …

Now an A-I-O has it’s place in the detailing world, but only for specific situations

Yet we still want 1 advertisement to work for every goal and every service!

The beauty when it all comes together as one

polishing paint

Test-Spots Matter!

Every detailer has a basic idea on what is needed to achieve that flawless paint
but he always starts with a few test-spots, trying out some different variations to dial in that perfect combination
He evaluates the test-spots and adjusts where needed.
Once the winning combination is determined, he goes full out on that combination and finishes that car in no-time.

See with advertising, we take that same approach you do.
We test some combinations of images; video’s, copy and target group and have them run.
Our test-spots are A/B Tests.


Traffic campaigne

In our Traffic campaign we test our target market, images and copy.

Our target market

It’s important to know who we are targeting with our ads. 

Because Everyone is not your client. 

  • Do you want to promote polishing and ceramic coatings packages or rather interior detailing? 
  • Are you focused on high-end clients or the average Jo, or maybe the Mini-van Mom with kids?
  • Where are my clients hanging out
  • What are my clients other interests

All of these will influence how you will set up your targeting around your business.

Image to disrupt

People browse social media all day long. 

They see hundreds of images pass by their eyes while they scroll on.

The key is to have an image that doesn’t fit their pattern. 

Something that doesn’t fit the ordinary…

This makes them stop the scrolling for a few seconds,

Enough time for you to go for the win with:

A killer Headline

Ah, the all important headline, 

This can make or break your ad.

Your image has stopped them from scrolling, to see what this is.

So your headline now has to intrigue them in a way that they want to open the ad and read on.

What do they desire; what do they fear; …?

Use this to your advantage and write a killer headline in max. 8 words

The guide to the link

This is the best way to describe the body of the text. 

You want to tease them with a solution to reach their desire or eliminate their fear.

But, you don’t give them the answer just yet. 

If they want the answer to their solution, 

They Need To Click The Link!

And now they are redirected to your website where every single image, text, … has put them in the mood to find their solution: Detailing, shiny paint, beading, …

Here you have the ability to pursuade them with a lot more words and images to visualise that dream they have, 
The reason why they clicked on the link!

Evaluate, evaluate, evaluate

After 48 – 72 hours, we closely examine the results and see which one will be our winning combinations.

What are the numbers we are looking for?

CPC < $1
CTR > 1%

These mark a winning ad!

Is your website dialed in?

Now, great ads are amazing, but

If you send your clients to a bad website, 

your results will suffer. 

For this, I have collected the 5 most common detailing website issues in a Free E-book. 

If you want it, just fill in the from below and it will end up in your inbox.

If you have any questions regarding this topic, 

feel free to send me an email or book a free 30 min call.

Have a great day!



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